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Artist Statement

My practice uses dance, theatre, and performance art to challenge the division between intellectualism and hedonism. In my work wisdom and pleasure are inextricably linked, and physical sensation is the key personal knowledge-building. Let’s share the weight of our desires and learn from each other.

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Dienae Hunter (they/them) is a performance artist based in Tempe, AZ. Dienae’s creative practice utilizes dance, theatre, and performance art to produce experimental queer work. Their favorite topics are sexy food and hot messes, and their ideal method of working is collaboratively with fellow queer cuties.

Although trained as a dance artist, Dienae’s work has become more closely aligned with performance art and theatre. Dienae’s explorations beyond traditional dance performance include curating an interactive 400-person dinner for the Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts (2019), staging a site-specific, multi-channel devised theatre piece titled "Tune in to my live stream and please stop staring" (2019), and a [nueBOX] Studio/LAB residency that culminated in a live performance art event titled “This is sponsored by Juicy Fruit” (2018).

Dienae is a recent graduate from Arizona State University’s Creative Enterprise and Cultural Leadership Master’s program. They also hold a BFA in Dance and a BA in Earth and Environmental Studies from ASU.

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